“Don't work for money,
let money work for you!”
Robert Kiyosaki

Join if Growth is Your Goal


When you do not invest, you are effectively losing out on money, because you do not give your savings a chance to grow. Taking into account how much money has been printed during the past two years and rapidly increasing inflation, then free cash will just burn on your hands. That said, we will help you not to just fight with the inflation but also grow your wealth and happiness.


Our value-based investment focus ensures that our return is generated in a responsible and sustainable way. We generate attractive returns by investing in carefully selected assets and by acting quickly when the opportunity arises. We prefer positive to negative screening for the investments to contribute both an attractive return and a positive lasting footprint.


Banker as a financial institution is currently engaged in credit business. Our next step is becoming a registered fund manager which will manage limited partnership funds.


We are operating in the alternative investment management industry focusing now on digital assets.


We aggregate experts including fund managers, liquidity providers, custodians, exchanges, lawyers, consultants and other service providers.


We are increasingly looking at how digital assets may be incorporated into existing and new strategies. We are also looking closely at the potential opportunities and economic cases for incorporating various distributed ledger technologies (DLT) into their operational processes and how it may be used by markets, post-trade institutions, administrators, custodians and other service providers to create cost-efficiencies, enhance transparency and reduce risk.


Since 4 Nov 2019 BANKER holds a financial institution license FFA000360 issued by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit.


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